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Why I’ve Listened to Every Episode of the Cancelled Podcast

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, podcasts have recently become a bit of an obsession of mine.

One of the first ones that got me back into the podcasting world is the Cancelled podcast by Clare and Jessie Stephens of Mamamia, Australia’s only women’s media company. It began nine months ago and I’ve not only caught up on every episode ever made, but excitedly tune in weekly for each new update.

How It Works

The premise of the show is simple and catchy. Each episode (or pair of episodes, if it’s an extensive two-parter) looks at a celebrity or topic that’s been “cancelled”. One host explains the history of how the subject lost favour in the public’s eye, delivered with a comedic twist to keep it light. Any serious topics such as illegal behaviour or content that’s currently being considered in a court of law is conveniently skipped over to ensure the tone stays upbeat.

At the end of each episode, the pair discuss their “charges” and deliver corresponding “sentences” which the subject is recommended to complete, instead of being cancelled. The implication is that being collectively shunned by society indefinitely is an inappropriate punishment for most of the mistakes which have led these subjects to be cancelled, and the hosts seek to rectify this with more fitting methods of making amends.

Why I Love It

Not only is the show punchy, entertaining, and informative on topical events, it cleverly sends a political message and discusses potentially divisive topics without being controversial or problematic itself. I agree that people’s past mistakes should not by default cause them to be excluded from society. It’s only by a merciful and empathetic approach that we can hope to provide a positive, nurturing, and effectively-functioning social world.

Whilst the makers don’t delve into it in detail (after all, it is a comedy podcast), this underlying theme is an effective way of consistently sending a positive message into the world whilst also keeping the audience laughing.

And what more could you want on a morning commute than that?

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