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The ‘Exit Scam’ Podcast Miniseries: A Cautionary Tale for the Crypto Generation

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This week I finished listening to Exit Scam, an eight-part true crime podcast series by Treats Media which I really enjoyed.

Each episode takes an easily-digestible half hour and tells the recent white collar crime story of Gerald Cotton, the founder of the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Canada. It begins by discussing his apparent mysterious death in 2018, as well as various aspects of his past, his business endeavours, and those close to him.

The storytelling progresses at a good pace, and the investigative skills of the creators are impressive. They’ve clearly sought out eyewitnesses and those directly involved in the story as much as possible, even to clarify seemingly minor facts that could affect the credibility of various theories surrounding Gerald’s mysterious demise.

I tend not to enjoy stories that give unnecessary details, so I liked that this story gave enough information for me to feel that they had thoroughly looked into every fact and believable theory related to Gerald, without any of them feeling gratuitous or tangential.

Overall, I think Exit Scam is a great example of a recent cybercrime true story that many people will find both interesting and informative.

You’ll Like It If: You enjoy true crime investigation stories, particularly regarding scammers

Very Similar To: The Liar Liar podcast by The Age and SMH (about Australian financial advisor Melissa Caddick who disappeared in 2020)

Somewhat Similar To: Inventing Anna on Netflix / the Fake Heiress podcast, The Tinder Swindler on Netflix

If you’ve listened to this series or you know a similar one you think I’ll like, let me know in the comments!

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