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The Liar Liar Podcast: the Story of Fake Financial Analyst Melissa Caddick

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I enjoyed listening to the recently-completed 10-part podcast series Liar Liar by the Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes.

The show was detailed and informative, with consideration of the many theories out there around the story in addition to the hard facts we have about the case.

I also found it entertaining, partially due to the insertion of the reporters’ personalities and commentary along the way.

However, when I happened to look at the iTunes reviews for the show, I noticed that people seemed to either love it or hate it. From my brief skims of some reviews, my take on this is that some people who are used to these publications’ usual formal reporting style didn’t enjoy their inclusion of their own opinions. It also seems that those of us who are used to the usual casual format of most podcasts out there didn’t enjoy the fact that this series was so clearly scripted (down to the word, it seemed).

However, I enjoyed it because I believe it had the best of both worlds: the information was researched to a professional degree as is fitting with professionals of their calibre, but they adapted to the podcast format in allowing their delivery to be coloured by their own takes. The pace was great, and they never went off-topic as some podcasts do – this was a definite advantage of their unusual highly-scripted approach.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in true crime, particularly in the Australian or financial scam niches.

If you’ve listened to the podcast or heard about Melissa Caddick: what did you think of her story?

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