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Is Bling Empire Worth Watching? A Spoiler-Free Review

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When my best friend asked last week if this show was good, I described it as “very average”. Not in the sense that it’s been done before, exactly – it is great to see an all-Asian cast, particularly in the reality TV space. But the uber-rich lifestyle is one we’ve seen before, and combined with the fact that for the most part there’s no real direction or significant achievement depicted from the characters, it can be skipped even if you’re a reality addict.

Having said that, I like the fact that they represent relatable and/or personal issues for many people (like fertility struggles, having a crush on a friend, or seeking your birth parents) in a way that feels authentic, despite the more trivial scenes (like social catch-ups) feeling a tad staged.

Overall, the show has no super-lovable characters, but is light enough for a social reality fan like me to have watched both seasons so far.


Watch it if:

  • You enjoy seeing rich people create petty drama out of nothing and do everyday activities (just with more expensive jewellery than most)
  • Comparable example: If you enjoyed the rich-people parties, incestuous social group, frenemies, token newcomer, and unnecessary beef of Byron Baes, you’ll probably like this.

Skip it if:

  • You don’t like reality TV with no plot
  • Comparable example: If you didn’t enjoy Ex on the Beach, don’t waste your time on this show.

If you’ve seen the show already – what did you think?

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